You are the key …
           to safety on the road

Your safe-driving superpowers

Managing Fatigue and Driving

Want to be a superhero? You can be—using the fantastic powers of safety-aware driving.

Comic-book heroes are always scanning for signs of danger and acting decisively to keep those around them safe. That’s a pretty good example to follow whenever we get behind the wheel of a car.

You might not be able to halt a runaway bus with your bare hands or see through walls to spot that someone’s about to run a red light. But here are three ways that you can be a highway hero who keeps yourself and others safe.

1) Use your 360-degree vision.

Your car’s mirrors are kind of like a superhero’s sidekick: easy to forget about but awesome to have on your side when it counts. Those trusty rear-view and side-view helpers will give you a crucial extra second to spot trouble coming—and avoid the KA-POW! SMACK! BLAM! of colliding with another vehicle.

2) Command time and space.

Some superheroes can move matter using only the power of their mind. You and me? Not so much. But we can fend off danger by controlling how close we get to other cars on the road.

  • Stay a safe distance—based on speed, traffic, road conditions and the weather—behind the car ahead. Establish safe following distance and make sure you give yourself more space in bad weather.
  • Steer clear of situations where you’re tightly surrounded by other vehicles. Slow down or change lanes if you need to create some space.
  • Count 2 seconds when first in line at a busy intersection before proceeding on a green light.

3) Develop “Superhero Senses.”

Want to channel your favorite arachnid-inspired superhero’s uncanny ability to sense approaching danger? Keep baddies off your back—namely, rear-end crashes and the high risk of injury they bring—by practicing heightened awareness.

  • Think about your “escape route”—where you could quickly and safely steer your car—to avoid another driver who might be approaching too fast or veering too close.
  • Communicate with drivers behind you by braking early.
  • Use your turn signals consistently.
  • Allow tailgaters to pass you.

The streets of your town can always use another superhero. So the next time you slide behind the wheel, say hello to the super human staring back in your rear-view mirror, and channel your safety super powers. Mask and tights are optional.