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The Bus is Here!

Seat Belt Fact

Can’t wait to get to school right? Well, let’s get there safely.

It’s early in the morning and maybe we are running a little late, or are talking to other parents while we wait. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe at the bus stop.

  • When you see the bus arriving, everyone should wait at least 6 feet (2 meters) from the curb and form the line away from the street.
  • If you have to cross the street, stay where you are until the bus comes to a complete stop, activates the safety lights and the driver opens the door.
  • If walking in front of the bus, be sure to do so at least 10 feet (3 meters) in front.
  • We know how excited everyone is to get to school, but encourage kids not to push or shove one another.

Now that they are safely off let’s hope they have a great day and they are nice to their teachers.

Bus safety for kids.

  • Buckle up, if the bus has seatbelts. This will keep you safe and secure. After all the work you did getting that seat next to your best friend you now need to be safe and enjoy the ride together.
  • No jumping, running around, or throwing things. This can make it hard for the driver to concentrate, possibly leading to an accident.
  • Once school is in sight, it’s time to start thinking about exiting the bus safely. When the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver says it is okay, unbuckle your seatbelt and wait your turn to enter the exit row.
  • When you step down, hold onto the handrail and be careful that your backpack or other things you may be carrying don't get caught on the rail or in the door.
  • After you exit the bus, never walk behind it. If you have to walk in front of the bus, just like crossing the street before, walk at least 10 feet (3 meters) in front of the bus and make sure the safety signals are on and the driver sees you, then cross.

Source: https://www.consumerreports.org/child-safety/school-bus-safety-tips/