You are the key …
           to safety on the road

Speeding: It's Never a Good Option


Do you ever feel that there just isn't enough time in the day? You aren't alone. But no matter what pressures you face, speeding is never an option.

Drivers usually speed because they're running behind schedule and trying to make up lost time.  Or they're distracted and simply not thinking about their speed. Many people don't expect to get caught or, they really don't believe speeding is all that dangerous.

Truth is speeding increases the dangers of driving in several ways:

  1. Speeding reduces your control over your vehicle, specifically your ability to steer safely and stop quickly.
  2. It also increases your stopping distance - that's the distance your vehicle travels while you react to a dangerous situation.
  3. If you do get into a collision while speeding, it increases the collision forces.  In other words, it not only makes a collision more likely, it makes the results of a collision more deadly.

In fact, the increase in collision risk is higher than most people think.  Even at a relatively moderate speeds, increases in speed can be equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 - that's legally drunk in most places.  For example, driving 40 mph (64 km/h) in a 30 mph (48 km/h) zone is roughly equivalent of driving drunk. 

So now you know the dangers of speeding and you can make at least one good decision today: decide not to speed.  Remember, this means more than just obeying the posted speed limit.  Lower your speed below the speed limit in bad weather and in bad traffic conditions too. 

Bottom line, we speed because we're trying to get where we're going, get off the road, and get on with our lives.  But one of the surest ways to get on with your life is to stay safe on the road.