Safety at work is not by chance …
                                         it's by choice.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, Trips & Falls

Minimize your chances of a slip, trip or fall injury by learning theses tips for fall prevention.

Think of all the places you visit every day.  Slippery surfaces, stairs, curbs, ramps, potholes...  You can't control all the potential hazards you'll encounter each day, but you can be ready for them so they don't trip you up.  Follow these suggestions to minimize your chances of a slip, trip or fall injury.

Stay aware of the surfaces you walk on.

Be wary of smooth surfaces. Even the innocent-looking paint lines on pavement can become quite hazardous when wet. Rough surfaces provide better traction, but any surface will be slippery when wet, icy, oily or in bad condition.

Wear slip-resistant footwear.

Smooth soles don't help and can make walking on slippery surfaces even more hazardous. Wear stable shoes with non-slip soles; they provide traction even on smooth surfaces.

Help keep floors and walkways clear.

If you drop or spill something, clean up after yourself. If you see a spill or debris or any other unsafe condition, avoid walking through the area, but also report it so that others aren't harmed.

Be cautious on stairways.

Yes, hold the handrail all the way. But also be careful not to carry large or awkward loads on stairways. And be especially watchful for uneven steps, unlit stairwells, and stairs that are wet, oily or cluttered.