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Potential Projectiles in Vehicle

Potential Projectiles

Make sure you keep items stored safely in your vehicle to keep you and your passengers safe.

First let's define "potential projectile." It's anything inside your vehicle that could be thrown around at high speeds during a collision—in other words, anything that can result in an impact injury to you or a passenger. Just off the top of our heads, that would include laptops, cell phones, product samples or literature, purse, briefcase, toys, groceries, umbrellas, books, backpacks… Did you yell stop yet? As a matter of fact, anything with a little weight to it or sharp edges on it is a potential projectile. The list is so long we're willing to stop here and get to the part where we tell you what to do about it.

Smaller items

Such as a cell phone or wallet, can easily be stowed inside an enclosed compartment such as a glove box or an arm-rest console.

Mid-size items

Such as an umbrella or a purse, can sometimes be placed under a seat or wedged in place on the floor behind the driver's seat. But be careful about this: wedged in really means wedged in. Anything that can roll has the potential to roll into and interfere with the driver's pedals up front.

Boxed items

Such as boxes of marketing materials, belong in the trunk. If you don't have a trunk, do you have a rear storage area where boxes or large items can be secured in place? If not, make sure the box/container is tightly closed and belt the container place in a seat.

Bagged items

Such as groceries, can sometimes be belted in place. But that really doesn't secure anything inside the bag and keep the bag from bursting out. So tie plastic bags shut and then move all the bags to the trunk or another rear storage area.


Are difficult to strap in place and often too small to wedge in place. The best spot for a laptop is really in the trunk if your vehicle has one.

Children's toys

Leave the big ones at home, right next to the ones with pointy parts or hefty pieces.