You are the key …
           to safety on the road

Park, Lock, and Stow. Keep items safe on the go.

Parking Lot Safety

It’s been a long morning full of customer calls. You’re tired and you just want to quickly refuel both yourself and your vehicle before you move on to the next call. You’ve got a choice to make:

Option A

You can make a quick fuel stop and leave your keys in the ignition while you dash inside for a snack. You’re back in a flash, but your vehicle, and everything in it, is gone. Or...

Option B

You can take some precautions and none of this ever happens.

We hope you’ll choose B, in which case these simple precautions will make you less of a target.

  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Engage your parking brake. This deters thieves using tow trucks.
  • Always take your keys with you.
  • Take your purse or wallet with you too.
  • Do not hide an extra set of keys in or on your vehicle.
  • Park only in well-lighted areas.
  • Give only your ignition key to parking attendants.

Stow It

Remember too that what is in your vehicle can be as inviting to thieves as the vehicle itself. When you leave your vehicle, be sure all valuables are stowed out of sight. Larger items, like laptops and product samples, go in the trunk. Smaller items - mobile phone, wallet, even expensive sunglasses - go with you or into a glove compartment. Your best bet: keep all of these items stored away even while you drive. You won't have to worry about putting them away each time you stop, and you will keep your vehicle interior free of potential projectiles. Anyone who's ever been in a collision will tell you, that’s smart and safe.